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8 Awesome Alternative Uses for Lanolin

If you’re anything like me, you may have managed to build up a small artillery of breastfeeding supplies. One I always had with me was lanolin. However, since I’m done nursing now I did some research to find other great ways to use up the rest of those tubes lying around the house. Here are some awesome ideas!

Wound barrier

Lanolin is great for soothing and protecting the skin. I often smear a thin layer over the minor scrapes and wounds that so often appear on my children. Since lanolin is safe for consumption, I prefer for babies and toddlers over those other alternatives like Vaseline or Neosporin.

Foot cream

Mix your leftover lanolin with come softened coconut oil and/or almond oil. I also like to add some vitamin E oil as well. Apply to your calloused heels and cover with socks. Softer skin overnight!

Wind burn

Take a tube with you the next time you find yourself out in the elements. Whether its a ski trip or a sledding adventure, lanolin will protect those sweet cheeks from windburn and cold.

Cuticle and hand cream

I keep a tube of lanolin in my nightstand drawer and apply it to my hands and cuticles. It helps to soften and repair my dry damaged hands while I sleep.

Chapped lips and noses

When your child is sick they often end up with a stuffy or runny nose. Applying some lanolin to their raw nose and upper lip after wiping will help to sooth and reduce the redness. You can also wipe a layer on their lips before bedtime, especially if they have been breathing through their mouths at night.

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Breath easier

Mix some lanolin with a drop of eucalyptus and peppermint or spearmint oil. Apply to your chest for your own Vicks Vaporub. Use for adult and older children only. I don’t recommend essential oils for children under 2 years.

Eczema and dry skin patches

Apply a layer of lanolin over rough elbows or knees or other areas of dry skin. It’s especially useful in babies with eczema.

Diaper rash

Instead of your usual go-to, try swiping some lanolin on your little baby’s sore booty. Then dust on a layer of corn starch. Lanolin’s anti-inflammatory properties aid in recovery and the corn starch helps wick away moisture.

So that’s it! Do you have any other great ideas for alternate lanolin uses?

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