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Best Books for Babies: Newborn to 6 months

It’s so important to start reading to your children at a young age. This means that yes, you can (and you should!) read books to your newborn. Are they going to understand that you’re telling a story about a bear in the woods? Well, no. However, you will be encouraging the building of synapses in their brain. Eventually babies will begin to understand that when you say “brown bear”, you are naming the picture you’re pointing to on the page.

Reading to your baby aides in memory, communication skills and empathy. The intonation of your voices helps in teaching them expressions and feelings. The bright colors and pictures on the page will soon draw their interest more and before you know it, you may have a blossoming book worm on your hands! Studies have shown that talking to you infant throughout the day may actually increase their chances of speaking sooner. Reading does this as well!

I find board books are the best for young ones and they last well into childhood. There are so many great choices out there so I’ve made a list of my 14 favorite books for ages 0-6 months. I love finding different styles of books to enjoy: colorful and fun to calming and sweet. And another great thing? They are all under nine dollars on Amazon! So get ready to cuddle up and read!

The Best Books for Babies

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Amazon, $6)

Always a favorite in any household! My daughter still loves to poke her tiny fingers through the holes in the pages and shrieks with the silliness of all the foods the caterpillar eats on Saturday!

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Little Owl’s Night (Amazon, $6)

A really sweet story about a small owl exploring his night-time environment. The illustrations are great in this book too!

Goodnight Moon (Amazon, $7)

This is a must have! I don’t know what it is about this book that puts kids to sleep. It must have some magic in the words!

I am a Bunny (Amazon, $8)

Really awesome bright and detailed pictures to enjoy in this book. This is a great one for pointing out different animals and colors. It’s short and sweet too.

If Animals Kissed Good Night (Amazon, $7)

This book goes through many different creatures in the animals kingdom and in a rhyming song-song way, tells how they would kiss good night.

Where is Baby’s Belly Button? (Amazon, $5)

A great first lift-the-flap book, Karen Katz illustrations are bright and cheerful. Your baby will love this one!

My Precious Little Bear (Amazon, $8)

This book was a gift from a friend and has always been a favorite of my sons. I really like it too. It’s one of those stories that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and you just wanna hug and squeeze your little one.

You Are My I Love You (Amazon, $7)

I always, always give this book along with a baby shower gift. It used to make me tear up every time I read it to my baby in my hormonal postpartum state. I just think it’s so lovely and touching.

Hide and Seek Harry At the Beach (Amazon, $5)

Harry the hippo is just the cutest. I love this book because its super simple and the images are clear and colorful.

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Dear Zoo (Amazon, $5)

A lift the flap book that’s been around for ages. This one is a fun introduction to zoo animals and a great opportunity to practice your animal sounds!

In My Jungle (Amazon, $8)

There’s a whole series of these sweet finger puppet books. I find the illustrations irresistible and the little puppet is both sturdy and cute.

Time for Bed (Amazon, $6)

The calming pictures of parent and baby animals in this adorable book is so soothing, I want someone to read it to me at night!

Piggies (Amazon, $7)

A fun finger family-style of book about little piggies who won’t go to bed without their good night kisses.

Pat the Bunny (Amazon, $8)

This is a great touch-and-feel book with lots for your little one to explore and interact with.

And there you have it! Reading at night to my Littles has always been a very special time for us that I know we will continue for many, many years. Check out this link for more board books for toddlers. What are some of your favorite stories? I’d love to hear from you!

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