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Bumkins Product Review

I am sharing my own personal experience and opinions in this Bumkins product review. This post is not sponsored by Bumkins. I just really love their products!

I’m always looking for great products to use in my daily life as a mom. With a toddler and a preschooler to raise, we try to stick with a routine as much as possible. Consistency is key with little ones. Four days a week my son goes to preschool for a couple hours and on our off days we try to keep the same schedule so we aren’t throwing off my daughter’s napping clock. Being frequently on the go – I need hard-working, high-quality gear that helps us get through the day with minimal clean-up. So for the past few years now my go-to has been Bumkins products!

This post may contain Amazon affiliate links which means if you make a purchase through this site I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. I only link to products that I love and trust!

Bumkins products have been a life-saver for me! I absolutely love the durability and wash-ability of Bumkins bibs and bags. Currently we are using this set of bibs. They come in so many different, trendy prints and other styles as well. They also sell Bumkins sleeved baby bibs and the Bumkins Junior bibs. All these bibs are waterproof, washable and resistant to staining. That means spaghetti night is a GO!

I love using this adorable pink set for my daughter at breakfast, specifically on days we’re having oatmeal. They have a handy little pocket at the bottom of every bib to catch any rouge cereal clumps. Oatmeal can be some pretty messy business when it comes to toddlers! With our Bumkins bibs I can just rinse them off in the sink and hang to air dry on the dishrack. You can also toss them in the washing machine for a deeper clean.

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Messy hair, don’t care!

Pick up a Bumkins Kids long-sleeved smock for art time and keep your kiddo (relatively) mess-free while also making clean-up a total breeze. It keeps the paint, glue and other sicky substances off of your kid’s clothes so that you can relax and watch them enjoy creating their next masterpiece. Then toss it in the washer and hang them up to dry (the smock, not your kids). These are great for children ages 3-5. You can use the sleeved baby bibs for younger kids.

Another great product you’ve likely seen all over Instagram or Facebook are these awesome Bumkins Chewtensils. I don’t have a set of my own as my children are a bit too old for them now, but I really wish I had had them when my kid’s were first learning how to use forks and spoons. They are great for ages 6 months and up and are perfectly designed to be held by little baby hands. Pair them with this Bumkins divided suction plate and you’ll have one happy little babe! These feeding sets are also really awesome if you are trying baby-led weaning.

My other favorite Bumkins products right now are these reusable snack and sandwich bags. Just like the other Bumkin products, they are waterproof and washable. The thing I love the most though is that purchasing these bags has greatly reduced our plastic usage. Instead of packing my son’s preschool snack in plastic baggies, I’ve been using these Bumkin snack bags for everything from Goldfish crackers to sliced grapes to cubes of cheese. I chose this adorable llama and cactus printed set because I just couldn’t resist! They come in all sorts of fun patterns and it’s almost too difficult to pick just one!

The snack bags have been perfect for car rides. Lately my daughter is going through a phase where she HATES being strapped into her car seat. So THAT’S been fun. However, Bumkins to the rescue! She has reached an age (20 months) where she really enjoys practicing with buttons, clasps and zippers. So not only can she enjoy her snack during car rides, but she’s also well-entertained by the snack bag itself! Bonus!

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We can now bring along our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in our super cute Bumkins sandwich bags when we go to the zoo or the park, and not have to worry about having trash to throw away afterwards. We just bring the bags back home and wash them. They are so affordable, too! It’s totally worth it – investing in a pair that will last for months over a big box of plastic baggies that will likely end up in a landfill (or the ocean) sooner or later.

Bumkins also sells wet bags, which are waterproof bags to hold soiled cloth diapers, swim suits or “accident” undies. I keep one in my car at all times. I’m also itching to purchase a Bumkins swim diaper. I really need a new one for my daughter this summer and these look adorable! Plus, it comes with a hat! Reusable swim diapers are always a must for me. I hate having to buy those packaged disposable ones when I’m already going through plenty of regular diapers at home on a daily basis.

I’m always on the search for more awesome kid gear that helps to cut down on plastic waste. It needs to be reusable, easy to clean and of course, as cute as possible! Bumkins certainly fits the bill in this area! What other gear is your go-to? Share in the comments, I’d love to check it out!

Thank you for taking to time to read my Bumkins product review! Now go pick some of this awesome kid’s gear up for yourself and keep those messy kids clean!

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