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The Most Genius Mom Hacks Ever!

As moms were always looking for time-savers and little life hacks. As a now-experienced mama of two wild babes, I’ve discovered some fantastic shortcuts to make life with littles just a little bit easier!

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Baby Hacks

Put your baby poop and vomit stained clothes out in the sun. First rinse out what you can then leave the offending item outside directly in the sunshine for a day. The sun will literally bleach out the stains. Then wash as usual.

The best diaper rash treatment is Aquaphor with corn starch. Funnel some corn starch into a salt shaker like the one I pictured below and keep it in your diaper changing station. When treating the rash, wipe with a wet cloth and pat or let air dry. Smear on a layer of Aquaphor then sprinkle with corn starch. It’s not necessary to wipe it off at each diaper change, instead just sprinkle more corn starch. Also, use high quality diapers. I recommend Pampers.

Keep your car stocked with extra diapers, wipes, a blanket and/or spare changing pad and and extra set of clothes including socks. Keep extra clothes for each child you have.

Give your teething baby a soft, wet toothbrush to chew on. Be sure to watch them with it if it has a long handle, or you can try the Baby Banana. This will help them become more comfortable with brushing their teeth and they may be more willing to participate as they reach that fickle toddler stage. And it also cleans their gums!

Size up a diaper size if your baby is peeing out of their diaper at night. Once my son started waking up with wet clothes everyday I found that going up a size really helped to catch the overflow. And of course for boys, don’t forget to point the penis down!

Put your changing pad on top of the baby’s dresser instead of investing in an actual changing table. It saves space and you’ll be using the dresser for a long time. The changing table? Not so much.

Pull baby onesies down over their shoulders, instead of over their heads when they have a diaper explosion. Use the sun bleaching trick or just throw that shiz away if its really bad.

Clip your baby’s nails while they are sleeping or being fed. I used to prop my kids up with pillows and the Boppy and then trim them during a nursing session.

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Have a fussy baby who just wont sleep? Put them in a carrier and vacuum the house. The white noise puts them to sleep along with the constant motion. You’ll have a clean house AND a sleeping baby!

Breastfeeding Hacks

Use a handy nursing clip like this one, to hold your shirt off of the baby’s face while breastfeeding. It’s a life-saver when you first start nursing and need to see what’s going on down there!

Store your breastmilk bags by laying them flat in the freezer. This will help to create more space and its also easier to organize them this way. Stack them in empty soda can boxes or long shoe boxes.

Have a Keurig or similar device? Run a mug of hot water and use it to quickly thaw frozen breastmilk bags or warm pouches of baby food.

Freeze smaller portions of milk to prevent any wasting of that precious liquid gold. If you need to use a larger bag of frozen milk you can cut it up with scissors (another reason to lay it flat to freeze) and just use what you need while storing the rest in another plastic baggie. You can also try freezing small portions into these long sticks so they easily slide into a bottle for thawing.

Store your pump parts in a large gallon-sized bag in the fridge between pumping sessions. You don’t have to wash your parts after every single pump session as long as your putting them into the refrigerator right away. Then wash all parts in hot soapy water in a separate container (we use those gray tubs from the hospital) at the end of they day.

Try these Medela wipes to quickly clean your parts when pumping on the run.

Create a breastfeeding basket and fill it with your essentials for every feeding session. See my post here.

Toddler Hacks (and More)

Place Scotch tape over the speaker holes in those noisy kids toys to lower the volume.

Put your kid’s art supplies on a tray with raised edges. That way markers, crayons and paint brushes won’t roll off the table or mark up the surface too bad.

Keep your kitchen table free from markers, paint and glitter glue! Pick up an inexpensive, soft-backed vinyl table cloth. I got mine from Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks during their spring clearance. I use it to cover the kitchen table during those “messy” craft times. I don’t even have to wipe off the paint – instead I let it dry and fold it up for another day. It’s the perfect solution to a drop cloth!

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Invest in a Piddlepad for your potty-training toddler’s car seat.

Have a toddler who has started undressing or removing their diaper? Put their zip-up pajamas on backwards or try something like these new Pampers Cruisers with no Velcro tabs.

Keep non-perishable snacks (animal crackers, granola bars, etc.) in the car for your always hungry kiddos.

Wash plastic toys, such as bath toys or Legos, in the dishwasher with a cup of vinegar. You can put smaller toys into mesh laundry bags or an Munchkin dishwasher basket. Just be sure your dishwasher doesn’t use too hot of water and turn off the heat dry.

Create a mild solution of vinegar and water (1 part vinegar to 10 parts water). Soak a microfiber towel in it and wipe down your wooden toys. Leave them to air dry on a dish rack so they aren’t sitting in standing water.

Use a Magic Eraser on your plastic toys and baby dolls. All those hard plastic toys and solid baby doll heads tend to get scuffed up over time. Get them gleaming like new by buffing out marks with a Magic Eraser. Then clean all your walls, doors and door frames while you’re at it!

See? All better!

Set timers on Alexa or your phone to get the laundry done faster. That way you’re also not leaving clothes in the washing machine overnight (ew).

There are several Alexa skills for kids to enjoy and interact with such as The Magic Door, Superheroes and Knock Knock Jokes. We also use Alexa as a “time out” timer.

Have a child who doesn’t want to brush their teeth? Try an electric toothbrush like this one. My daughter used to fight tooth brushing all the time and now she agrees to it right away. She’s even excited for it!

If you have school-aged kids, lay their clothes out the day before so they can get up and dress themselves right away before coming down to breakfast.

Keep a plastic lidded storage bin in each closet for your children. Use it to stow away clothes that no longer fit and rotate out seasonal clothes such as winter to summer.

And most importantly – the coffee hack for busy moms! I keep my morning coffee in a travel mug with a lid. This way I not only prevent spills, but I’m able to keep this life-sustaining beverage warmer longer. A mom win!

So pretty simple stuff here but I will tell you, it is LIFE-CHANGING when you find life hacks that truly help you parent better and more efficiently. What are your favorite mom hacks?

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