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Breastfeeding Mom & Baby

My “Breastfeeding Basket” Supplies

The must-have breastfeeding products and gear I kept near me at every nursing session. What is a breastfeeding basket, you may ask? It’s the name I gave to the supplies I always kept nearby when nursing during those first few weeks. When your first begin your breastfeeding journey you may …
Breastfeeding Mom & Baby

How to Survive a Nursing Strike

Tips and tricks for getting through a nursing strike and breastfeeding your distracted baby There are many hard things about becoming a mother. The exhaustion, the unknowing, the lack of self-care. Breastfeeding was an ongoing challenge for me as well. I wasn’t one of those moms who had a baby …

Breastfeeding pain? Is a tongue tie the issue?

Are you still struggling with breastfeeding pain even though you’re several weeks postpartum? Your baby may actually have a tongue tie that you cannot see. There are several different ways a tongue tie can present itself and not all tongue ties need a revision. Here’s is my story and I …